Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kindergarten Vases

Kindergartners used their prior knowledge, from the first lesson of the year on Art Elements, to design and draw a vase.  They made connections to vases from other cultures and discussed non-objective designs with their teacher.  They are starting to understand the difference between functional and decorative art.  They drew with construction paper crayons and used different lines and geometric shapes to add details.  They cut an organic shape to represent the contours of a vase.

Fall A+ Meeting

Mrs Gordon, our NBCT Art Teacher and A+ Coordinator, recently attended the Fall A+ Meeting on October 7.  To learn more about A+ Schools, visit their website at  A+ schools are Arts-Based Schools.  Yes, we are also a Magnet School, which means we have a theme that drives the school; our theme also happens to be Visual and Performing Arts with a Global Connection.  We have a large number of Specialists who teach these subject areas.  With an A+ School, not only is there an emphasis on Specials and giving students an opportunity to experience as many of the Arts as possible, but the Arts and Core Classrooms have a major integration connection.  The Arts incorporate Common Core and the regular classroom teachers incorporate the Arts.  As our A+ Coordinator, Mrs Gordon communicates between A+ Schools and our school and works closely with the Arts Integration Specialist.  The Fall Meeting was all about integration and how to keep the Arts alive and visible in our schools.

Stand Up, Step Up

October is Anti-bully Month and Violence Prevention Month.  Each year, the school system plans an anti-bully walk at which students and faculty from all over the county "stand up, step up" against bullying.  This year, our art students painted a banner for students to hold as we walked and created posters to hang on the kindness wall.  Our honors chorus also performed.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Arts Night Out

For "Arts Night Out," on October 9, 2014, the Arts Team collaborated with administrative intern, Alisha Taylor, to plan a parent night at which parents and students would visit the Arts classroom for a hands on experience.  This would give parents an idea of what their children experience in Specials each day and will help them better understand the great opportunity of having their children attend an Arts Magnet and A+ school.  Students and parents visited the Arts classrooms on a rotation and were able to visit the Music Lab, Art Studio, Dance Studio, Orchestra Room, and Band Room.  We also raffled off a basket of supplies, collectables, and instruments.  It was definitely an enjoyable night of learning, performing and creating.

Music with Ms Farthing

Dance with Miss Stevenson

The Sign in Table and Basket Raffle with Ms Taylor and Mrs Baccari

Art with Mrs Gordon

PE with Mr McNeil

Band with Mrs Thomas

Dixie Classic Fair 2014

We are always excited in the fall for the Dixie Classic Fair Art Exhibit.  This year, we had 23 students with art work in this show.  All grades were represented from kindergarten through fifth grade with a variety of art from still-life drawings to paper masks to non-objective designs and gadget printing.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Literacy Night

On Thursday, September 25, administration, students, and parents gathered for the annual Title 1 Parent Compact Meeting and Literacy Night.  Grade Levels throughout the school planned and presented sessions to parents that taught them skills and strategies on how to help their children with reading.  We also had two sessions in the Arts Wing that discussed literacy: "What in the World is Music Literacy" and "Art Literacy for Everyone."  We discussed Art and Music integration in the classroom as well as reading integration in the Arts Class.  We also discussed how to be "literate" regarding Art and Music Theory.

Specialists/Arts Team

Meet the Arts Team for the 2014-2015 School Year.

Miss Amanda Stevenson: Dance/Drama, Ms. Leslie Batten: Media, Mrs. Zenyth Thomas: Band, Mrs. Lisa Morris: Orchestra, Ms. Ann Farthing: Music Technology, Ms. Jackie Pullen: Technology, Mrs. Amanda Gordon: Art/AIG, Mr. Ross McNeil: Physical Education

Friday, September 12, 2014


Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year.  We are very excited about the energy and excitement throughout the building.  We are looking forward to a creative and productive year in the Art Department in Art, Music, Orchestra, Dance, Drama, Band, PE, Media, and Technology.