Friday, September 25, 2009

Cubism in the 5th Grade Studio

Fifth grade students, inspired by the works of Roy Lichtenstein, are creating their own interpretation of Cubism. Check out their work in progress.

First Grade Flowers

First graders have been busy exploring the differences between geometric and organic shapes. They are learning basic painting techniques and painting with tempera paint. In the photos, you can see students adding finishing details, such as texture and leaves.

2nd Graders in Progress

Second grade students recently finished a unit on printing or printmaking. They discussed patterns and repetition in art work. They became more familiar with printing techniques and began to look at color schemes, particularly thinking about complimentary colors.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Artists are in Action

Specials officially began this week. We spent 2 weeks reviewing procedures, expecations, and rules, which really is a short time since each class comes to art only once each week. This week, all classes are working on projects for several big art exhibits to come.

K: Kindergarten is working with lines and geometric shapes to create patterns on a grid they create from folding paper.

1: First grade began paintings of large flowers and will reflect on the work of Georgia O'Keeffe.

2: Second grade is exploring printing and printmaking. They are working with a toned ground, (colored paper,) and printing with gadgets or found objects to create designs, visual textures, and repetition in pattern in rhythm.

3: Third grade students are discussing three-dimensional and two-dimensional art. They are painting a non-objective piece to then cut and fold to create a relief sculpture. They are also studying work by Frank Stella.

4: Fourth graders are making some science connections with trees. They are studying the parts of a tree from information found at forestry websites and will observe a graphic organizer that breaks down the parts of a tree. Fourth grade students are also viewing a powerpoint of different trees, some from realistic photographers and others from paintings by traditional, famous artists as well as contemporary artists. Students will do their own interpretational painting of a tree.

5: Fifth graders are exploring the world of Cubism. They are studying the work of Roy Lichtenstein as well as other cubist artists such as Picasso. Students are working on creating their own drawings in the Cubist style. They will draw 2 similar drawings and cut one in geometric shapes to paste on top of the other drawing in a Cubist manner.