Monday, June 11, 2012

Band/Orchestra Concert

The Band/Orchestra Concert was a huge success. Band and orchestra students in grade 4th and 5th showcased all they have learned this year. Some students even explained the different parts of their instruments and how they work to create a sound.

Mr. Spencer explained what the band has learned this year.

Mr. Powelson introduced the Orchestra students.

Fifth grade orchestra students 'danced' during their performance of "We Will Rock You".

"Diggs-Latham Goes Cross Country"

Dance/Drama Concert

The Spring Dance/Drama Concert was an original production by our dance teacher, Amanda Stevenson, entitled "Diggs-Latham Goes Cross Country." Third graders were the dancers, and select students in grades 4th and 5th served as the speakers, who were a group of people stranded in an airport lobby. These travelers were from San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, New York and Honolulu, and they all showed stereotypical characteristics of the culture of each city. Ms. Stevenson choreographed a dance, representative of each city.