Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The First Projects of the Year

Kindergarten: Students in kindergarten are beginning to study line and shape and complete an exercise to assess what they already know about drawing.

First Grade: Students in first grade are studying texture and will create a turtle using crayon resist techniques with watercolor paint.

Second Grade: Students in second grade are making connections with art of other cultures, like traditional art of the African and Australian cultures, to create a pastel drawing. They are also exploring abstract art and creating decorative, ornate lizards.

Third Grade: Students in third grade are studying Russian Babushka or Nesting Dolls and are creating their own stylized version of the dolls by drawing with oil pastels.

Fourth Grade: Students in fourth grade are exploring radial designs and abstract art to create a mixed media composition. They are using the eye as inspiration.

Fifth Grade: Students in fifth grade are studying Op Art or Optical Art and creating mixed media drawings based on what they learn.

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