Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall A+ Meeting

Mrs Gordon, our NBCT Art Teacher and A+ Coordinator, recently attended the Fall A+ Meeting on October 7.  To learn more about A+ Schools, visit their website at  A+ schools are Arts-Based Schools.  Yes, we are also a Magnet School, which means we have a theme that drives the school; our theme also happens to be Visual and Performing Arts with a Global Connection.  We have a large number of Specialists who teach these subject areas.  With an A+ School, not only is there an emphasis on Specials and giving students an opportunity to experience as many of the Arts as possible, but the Arts and Core Classrooms have a major integration connection.  The Arts incorporate Common Core and the regular classroom teachers incorporate the Arts.  As our A+ Coordinator, Mrs Gordon communicates between A+ Schools and our school and works closely with the Arts Integration Specialist.  The Fall Meeting was all about integration and how to keep the Arts alive and visible in our schools.

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