Thursday, March 18, 2010

Communication in the Art Room

The Mailbox

Over the last several weeks, the art students and I, (2nd-5th grade,) started a mailbox system for the Art Studio. If students want a pen pal, need to write down a question rather than ask it aloud, or simply want to leave a note for the teacher, they can write out a message, on designated paper, and leave it in my mailbox. Either during the class or before their next class, I will read and respond to the mail. In this way, students can communicate whenever they have a question or comment, take time to think about their comment, and then see a written response. It is a fun way for students and the teacher to share ideas and concerns. It helps me make sure I address everyone's needs, even if we run out of time for the day. The mailbox system also encourages students to use vocabulary they are learning and use it in their informal writing.

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