Thursday, March 21, 2013

February in Tigerland: Black History Celebrations

February was an exciting time in "Tigerland" aka Diggs-Latham Elementary School.  The Black History Committee, (Mrs. Gordon, Mrs. Hopson, Ms. Farthing, Ms. Smoot, Ms. Taylor, Mrs. Gilliam, Mrs. A Brown, Ms. Studevent, and Mr. Stover, along with the Specialists,) planned a month of celebrating, performing, and learning that reflected the ideas and themes of Black History.  Throughout the month, students learned more about history through School News Broadcasts with Mrs. Uhrig and helpers, presentations in Specials, assemblies, and visiting reader programs.  Diversity was a general theme with the concept that history is everyone's history, and we must learn from the past to avoid making the same mistakes.

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