Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Diggs-Latham "Read In"

February 1, 2013, marked the 53rd Anniversary of the Famous Greensboro Sit-In at the Woolworth Store.  On February 1, 1960, students from NC A&T went into Woolsworth's and sat down at the "whites only" lunch counter.  This Sit-In attracted the attention of many others in Greensboro and started a Sit-In Movement that spread here, into Winston-Salem, and even to other states.  Finally, the store owners gave in and served those members in the Sit-In, first serving the black employees of Woolworth.

To commemorate this important and historical event, the Black History Committee, under the leadership of Amanda Gordon, planned a "Read In" event.  Central Office personnel, visitors from the community, Friends of Diggs-Latham from the Anderson Alumni Group, members of Sovereign Grace Chapel, officers from the Winston-Salem Police Department and Forsyth County Sheriff's Office, and teachers, set up a station of artifacts and books in the gym and met with groups of students to share stories and read books reflecting Black History in America.  Many visitors dressed in Afrocentric clothing or wore colors representing traditional African Kente cloth or orange for unity.  Readers received small gifts from the school as well as a clay magnet, designed by our art teacher, as a token of appreciation.    

Mrs. Maeretha Hopson, a member of the Black History Committee, reads to a group of 1st graders.

Patsy Squire, Title 1 Director, was excited to share stories and books with students.

Mrs. Cynthia Crosby, retired from the office at North Forsyth and member of Sovereign Grace Chapel, connected with 4th graders.

Dr. Wayne Foster, Star3 Project Director, had students engaged with his iPad.

For more photos of the "Read In," visit this link: 

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